• Our TeamSpeak Policy

    Our servers are located in Germany and are subject to German laws.
    Every violation against the german law will be handled as an act of crime and brought whatsoever to criminal display in case of intentional action.

    #1 General Behavior
    You are required to be nice and respectful towards others. 
    No insulting, threatening, swearing, foul language, racism, sexism or discrimination of any sort. 

       #1.1 Disrupt Conversations
       Ask whether you're welcome before you join a conversation. 

       #1.2 Channel Hopping
       Join the channel that is most related to your interests. Avoid channel hopping. 

       #1.3 Spamming
       There is no need for spam at all. 

    #2 Advertising
    We do not allow any kind of advertising. 

    #3 Nickname
    We urge you to match your nickname on TeamSpeak, Ingame and on our Website.  
    Please consider #1 and #2 when naming.

    #3 Push-To-Talk
    All Teamspeak users are required to use their comms with a Push-To-Talk button. This lessens the possibility of hot-mics and noises.

    #4 Filesharing 
    We allow filesharing to trusted and registered members of our website only. 

    #5 Recording
    To protect your privacy, the Recording of conversations is not allowed.